• We suggest canoeing at Baltoji Ančia, Mara, Zapsė Rivers. You can also try out canoeing at Snaigynas and Ančia lakes.
  • Routes are chosen by the need of a client: more extreme routes are recommended for young people and simple and easy routes are suggested to families with children. A group consisted of no more than 80 people can go canoeing at one time.


  • On business days I-IV: 26 €;
  • On weekends and during holidays V-VII: 30 €.
  • For all swimmers and little children life-jackets are given.
  • Transportation of people is included into rent of canoes price.

Information about canoes


A canoe “Vista”

It is a two-seated canoe for canoeing at rivers and lakes. There are built in adjustable seats and supports for legs in order to ensure comfort. Additionally, a child‘s seat can be put. It is a light and a compact canoe. Our canoes are high quality, shockproof. They are made of polythene, which guarantees your safety. The canoe “Vista” is recognized as one of the best canoes in Lithuania.

  • Comfortable and soft seats
  • Boat-tailed body
  • Handles for carrying, adjustable seats
  • Additional fastening rubbers for external cargo
  • Strong body of polythene
  • Additional seat for a child can be put.
  • Length is 485 cm, width is 82 cm, weight is 37 kg, height is 40 cm

General information

The camping “Saulėtekis” accepts various groups of people: it can contain up to 100 people at one time. It is the most suitable place for your outdoor parties: relatives’ gatherings, graduation parties, class reunions, meetings, staff picnics and other events.

  • The beach is suitable for both children and adults;
  • People have to cook food on their own;
  • Pets are allowed – a dog in the house 3 €;
  • Firewood pack is 5 €;
  • The price for whole camping for a weekend is from 1500 € to 2000 €;
  • The campsite has 25 sleeping places it total;
  • The campsite has 11 place for campers to stop;


Baltoji Ančia is the river in South Lithuania. It outflows from Ančia Lake, which is in Lazdijai  district.

The route starts at Jezdas village, where begins the river and Ančia lake ends. The route is winding and rapid. Canoeing at the river you will see tunnels, tumbled down trees but because of that canoeing will be more fun and interesting as well as your feet can get wet.

Canoeing you can see the beauty of Kapčiamiestis town and stop to have dinner in a place, which you will like.  Canoeing further by the bridge of Baltoji Ančia, where flows in Nieda River, the river becomes wider. After two hours you will be at a small village–ancient settlement–called Pinčiaragis or Palangėlė as local people call it. It is ancient settlement, in which there are two docks; here you can stop by to relax and see how beautiful is nature. Also you can finish your route in Pinčiaragis dock. Often this route is chosen, when people want to go canoeing for several days as well as amateurs, who go canoeing for the first time, and families with children choose this route.

If you canoe further, you will see Volskai village. This stretch is distinguished by vivid lanscapes, sharp and sandy shores. One more possible finish for canoeing is by the old bridge of Volskai.

Choosing to canoe further through the old bridge of Volskai, soon you will see the beautiful Baltoji Ančia homestead, where you can finish your canoeing, too. Canoeing further, you will reach the wide pond of Baltoji Ančia. You will have to canoe about 500 meters until the next stop – Macevičiai village. You should get out of the canoe on the right side, where a big, sandy hill is seen. Here you will be delighted in wonderful landscapes and bends of the river. Continuing canoeing further, you will canoe at Baltoji Ančia pond. It takes 3-4 hours to reach hydroelectric power station, where you have to get out of water. If you want to canoe further, you will have to carry canoes across the road: the distance to the river is about 100 meters. When canoes are carried to the river, the real fun will begin. The route is called as extreme because there is full of unexpected challenges; thanks to them, you will have a great time. This route is a perfect possibility for those, who want to experience something new and spectacular because the river is wide, its stream is strong as well as there are many riffles, natural obstructions of nature, spectacular slopes. You have to pay attention to the fact that there are some stones as well as big trees that are tumbled down. Canoeing you will see a big bridge of Sventijanskas village; this bridge is your landmark. When you canoe through Sventijanskas Bridge, your finish will be on the right side. Since the river  flows in Neman, where borderland begins, it is necessary to have your personal identity card.

  • Jezdas – Sventijanskas
  • Duration: three days.
  • Distance: 30 km.

Zapsė is the river flowing in South Lithuania, Lazdijai district. It connects Zapsys and Veisiejas lakes. Zapsė outflows in southeast from Kučiūnai, where there is a bay in south part of Zapsys lake. When it reaches Kalėdiškiai, it approaches to Polish borderline by 1,2 km. The stream is average. The river’s channel is winding, in places overgrown with bushes; there are windfalls, tumbled down trees as well as plenty of vegetation.

  • Galstas lake – Veisiejai lake
  • Duration: 4-5 hours.
  • Distance: 20-25 km.

Mara (Marycha in Polish) is a river outflowing from northeast Poland and flowing in Lithuanian-Polish borderline to a third country – Belarus. It is a left inflow of Juodoji Ančia. The river’s valley is wide; the lower reaches are wooded (Augustavas forest). Stream of this river is fast, there is plenty of vegetation, sharp slopes, the most varied bends and tumbled down windfalls therefore canoeing becomes more interesting and complex, giving positive emotions and extremity. The river itself is absolutely untouched by civilization. You will canoe by Lithuanian – Polish borderline therefore it is necessary to have personal identity card. In the middle of the river’s channel there is also cintersection of three borderlines: Mara is the intersection of Belorussian, Polish, Lithuanian states borders. It is a landmark that the finish is near. You have to follow border markers of Lithuanian state border: when you see the last one border marker of Lithuanian borderline, you have to get out on the left shore.

  • Duration: 4-5 hours.
  • Distance: 20 km.

Ančia lake is located in southwest Lithuania, Lazdijai district (about 1 km to south from Veisiejai), Veisiejai Regional Park. The length is 9,4 km by north-south direction and width is up to 1,2 km.  Waterhole of the lake is consisted of 4 waterholes crossing each other (three of them are parallel and the fourth crossing them). A line of the shore is very broken. The most shores are sharp. There are plenty of springs at the coasts and in littoral zone. The north part of Ančia lake is also called as Veisiejus. Its space is 0,47 km², depth is up to 25 m. Šlavantėlė flows in Ančia from Šlavantėlis lake, Rūdupė flows in from Vernijis lake and Baltoji Ančia–the inflow of Neman–outflows.

In Ančia lake there are preserved 13 types of fishes: breams, roach, pikes, bass, tenches, ides, ablets, silvery breams, ruffs, vendaces, rudds, catfishes, eels. On the northern side of the lake there is Veisiejai town as well as by the lake there are Vainežeris, Jezdas, Dainaviškiai villages. On the west  shore there is a mound. Nearby the lake there are preserved Vainežeris and Veisiejai manors parks having dendrological value.

  • Ančia – Sventijanskas
  • Duration: three days.
  • Distance: 40 km.