• Three mobile homes;
  • Electricity;
  • Kitchen, dishes, a fridge;
  • Bedclothes are given by the number of place for sleeping.


  • 6-bed deluxe house price – 120 eur,
  • 8-bed house price – 80 eur,
  • 10-bed house – 100 eur.

General information

The camping “Saulėtekis” accepts various groups of people: it can contain up to 100 people at one time. It is the most suitable place for your outdoor parties: relatives’ gatherings, graduation parties, class reunions, meetings, staff picnics and other events.

  • The beach is suitable for both children and adults;
  • People have to cook food on their own;
  • Pets are allowed – a dog in the house 3 Eur;
  • Firewood pack is 4 €.
  • The price for whole camping for a weekend is from 1500 EUR to 2000 EUR;
  • The campsite has 25 sleeping places it total;
  • The campsite has 11 place for campers to stop;